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misconduct. a true crime podcast

Ep24 - William Morva ***URGENT***

Tonight we are discussing the case of William Morva.  William Morva was in the Montgomery County, VA jail awaiting trial on attempted robbery charges.  He was taken to a nearby hospital to treat an injury.  William escaped custody at the hospital and fatally shot a hospital security guard and the next day he shot and killed a Sheriff’s Deputy.  He was arrested a few hours later.

William was sentenced to death and is scheduled to be executed next month on July 6.

Tonight we will cover William, his crimes and his mental health.  We will ask the question, should someone who suffers from such a severe mental illness be held accountable for his actions and suffer the most extreme of punishments; or does he deserve mercy and treatment?

The governor of Virginia is currently reviewing William’s case and deciding his fate; should William be put to death for his crimes?  After we are done telling you about William, we will ask you to contact the governor and beg for him to commute his death sentence to life in prison with treatment for his illness. 

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This episode was brought to our attention by the same firm that represents Ivan Teleguz (see previous case of ours).  This was an interesting case because it’s not one of actual innocence or some sort of police/prosecutorial misconduct.  William did commit these crimes, but after review, I truly believe he did what he did because he was in fear for his life and he was in fear for his life because he is mentally ill and suffers from delusional disorder.  I do not think we should put someone to death (at all, but especially…) who cannot grasp the gravity of what they did, and in fact, in their world view, they were acting in self defense. 

I feel deeply for the family and friends of Derrick McFarland and Deputy Eric Sutphin; I cannot imagine the pain they are going through.  And while we are asking for people to advocate on behalf of William’s life, by contacting the Virginia governor and asking for him to commute his death sentence, we are not asking for him to be free. 

If you feel William deserves mercy and should not be put to death on July 6th, please email, call, write Governor McAuliffe and ask for him to commute his death sentence and transfer him to the Marion Correctional Treatment Center (prison for the mentally ill). 

Website to Sign Petition, Email, Call or Write Governor McAuliffe:


Governor McAuliffe’s office: 804-786-2211

William and his mother, Elizabeth

William and his mother, Elizabeth

William at his attempted robbery trial

William at his attempted robbery trial