misconduct. A True Crime Podcast

misconduct. a true crime podcast

Ep54 - Billy Glaze

This week we will be discussing a series of murders that happened in Minneapolis over a nine month period, from 1986-1987. Three women were found murdered near homeless encampments on the outskirts of downtown. All of the murders were eerily similar. All of the women were beaten, assaulted, and posed after their deaths. Also, all three victims were indigenous women and local to the area.

After the third victim was discovered, a task force was formed to try and identify the serial killer prowling the streets of Minneapolis. Police caught a break in the case and a suspect was arrested. By 1989, prosecutors secured their conviction and the case was considered close by law enforcement and the public.

Years later, with recanted testimony and new DNA testing abilities, the guilt of the person convicted was called into question. Did the state get it right the first time?  Or was the wrong person in prison for these heinous murders?


Music by: The Blank Tapes


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