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Ep28 - The Briley Gang

In 1979 three brothers and one young accomplice terrorized Richmond, VA and the surrounding areas for 7 months; leaving in their wake 12 victims where only two survived.   Once captured and sentenced, two being sentenced to death and sent to death row, they orchestrated one of the biggest and most sophisticated prison escapes in US history.

Tonight we will take you through the lives and crimes of Linwood Briley, James Briley, Anthony Briley and Duncan Meekins also known as The Briley Gang.

Linwood, James, Anthony and Duncan Meekins

Linwood, James, Anthony and Duncan Meekins

Linwood and James Briley

Linwood and James Briley

Ep04 - Sneha Philip

This case is really frustrating for me due to the lack of evidence; so much of the discussion of this case quickly turns to speculation and assumptions because there is so little to go on.

New York Magazine published an article in 2005 that details what it known about the case and Sneha’s last known whereabouts in the most complete write up I have found through my research. You can read the full article here.

Also check out her Unsolved Mysteries page and her page at the Charley Project.

Eileen and I spent most of our time discussing the theories of what could have possibly happened to Sneha. Most of our conversations just ended up in a looping through the main prominent theories, so we tried to rein it in when we recorded so we didn’t get too repetitive.

The piece of evidence I keep coming back to is the woman she was with at Century 21 on September 10th. I can’t imagine why she hasn’t come forward, unless they both died in the attacks on the 11th. But again, it requires quite a bit of speculation to reach that conclusion. It is very strange that she never came forward and was never identified.

I could honestly spend hours nitpicking individual pieces of evidence and speculation. What do you think happened to Sneha on the 10th/11th of September 2001?