misconduct. A True Crime Podcast

misconduct. a true crime podcast

Ep26 - Speed Freak Killers

In early 1999 two men were arrested in connection with a missing woman from Lindon, California. Law enforcement suspected the two of kidnapping and killing the woman, they just didn’t know why. What they did not expect was that they would end up with a serial killer case on their hands.

The media dubbed the two the Speed Freak Killers, because their MO was to go on a meth bender and hunt for random victims. They operated purely on crimes of opportunity, yet alluded law enforcement for over 15 years. 

Today we will discuss the two men, where they came from, their crime spree, and their ultimate undoing.


References and Further Reading

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Loren Herzog and Wesley Shermantine

Loren Herzog and Wesley Shermantine

Side by side of sketch and actual photo of Loren Herzog

Side by side of sketch and actual photo of Loren Herzog