misconduct. A True Crime Podcast

misconduct. a true crime podcast

Ep06 - Evelyn Hernandez

Tonight we are discussing the case of Evelyn Hernandez. She was a 24 year old woman who was due to give birth in a week who was last seen alive on May 1st 2002 with her 5 year old son, Alexis. Her body was found floating along the Embarcadero in the San Francisco Bay on July 24th 2002 and her son has never been found. As of today, the case remains unsolved, although foul play is suspected.

5 months after Evelyn’s body was discovered in, Laci Peterson would go missing in nearby Modesto, California and coverage of the investigation would grip the nation for months. Although these cases are strikingly similar, one received worldwide attention and the other was barely covered locally. Tonight we will be discussing what happened to Evelyn and the disparities in the media coverage between the two cases.

Since not a lot is known about what happened to Evelyn, we’ve included some links for further reading.

Here is the Charley Project page for Alexis

Also a piece SFgate did on Evelyn’s case in 2003

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