misconduct. A True Crime Podcast

misconduct. a true crime podcast

Ep07 - Jamison Family

Today’s case is the Jamison Family Deaths.  My dear friend Nichole brought this case to our attention and researched it.  She did an amazing job and Colleen and I felt it was fitting that she co-hosts this episode.

As a writer, Nichole adds a flair and charming descriptive nature to this story.

As we talk about in the show, we’ve added a picture (or two!) of Sheriff Israel Beauchamp at the bottom of this post.

There are so many unknowns with this case; below are some of the controversial items discussed in the episode:

The picture of the Madyson; is she in distress?  Or is she just being pithy?  Is this indicative of someone trying to hurt her?

Were the Jamison’s on drugs?  The picture below was pretty recent; are they too thin, showing signs of drug use?  Or are they just slender people?

There is a video of them packing the truck before leaving the day they went missing.  They appear to be not speaking to each other; once we find that link, we will post (very hard to find).  But is not talking while packing mean they were in a drug induced “trance”  or were they just having an argument and not talking to each other?

So many unanswered questions in this case; let us know your thoughts and comments below or on our Facebook Group!

A huge thank you to Nichole for her hard work and excellent job on her first podcast!