misconduct. A True Crime Podcast

misconduct. a true crime podcast

Weepy Voiced Killer 911/Confession Audio

For those having audio issues hearing the 911 calls and the confession audio, see below:

You can hear the 911 Calls after the murders, you can go here, go to the following timestamps (in order of how they are used in the episode):  1:10, 1:00, 0:00 (beginning), 0:32. 

For Paul's 911 call when he was hurt, go here and to time stamp 15:06.

For Paul's confession audio, to here and then to time stamp 22:27 and you can play the next few minutes to here him talk about Karen and Kimberly (among others).

Unfortunately, we cannot replicate the issue here, all devices we checked are playing the audio as normal.  Only thing we can think of is it's an issue with some players, apple and otherwise.  Only a few people seem to have this issue but just the same, we want everyone to be able to hear the entire story.

We apologize to those affected we have contacted apple to see if there is a resolution to the issue. We will hopefully hear from them soon.

Thank you!

~Colleen & Eileen