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Ep43 - Weepy Voiced Killer (Paul Michael Stephani)



***For those having audio issues hearing the 911 calls and the confession audio***

You can hear the 911 Calls after the murders, you can go here, go to the following timestamps (in order of how they are used in the episode):  1:10, 1:00, 0:00 (beginning), 0:32. 

For Paul's 911 call when he was hurt, go here and to time stamp 15:06.

For Paul's confession audio, to here and then to time stamp 22:27 and you can play the next few minutes to here him talk about Karen and Kimberly (among others).


Around 3am on New Years Eve, St. Paul Minnesota PD’s 911 operators received a strange call; it was a man who was hysterical and spoke with a high pitched voice; he asked for squad cars to be sent to a machine shop off of Pierce Butler Road because there was “a girl hurt there”. 

Officers responded and indeed did find a body of a young woman who had been severely beaten.  Months later, police received a call from the same man, this time claiming he had stabbed someone with an ice pic; shortly after the body of a woman was found, she had been stabbed with an ice pic.  Two days later, the same man calls 911 again to apologize for what he had done. 

This wouldn't be the last phone call the Twin Cities 911 would receive from the strange voiced man.

Tonight we will take you through the crimes and confessions of the serial killer who will become known as The Weepy Voiced Killer.

For more information, here is a great documentary about Paul Stephani

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